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I Dreamt I Saw You


I dreamt I saw you. I saw you in an expansive forest, there you were, surrounded with lush trees and leaves reaching towards the rays of the sun, rooted in deep rich, soil laden with the blessing of the rains. Here you were, walking, but levitating above ground, and you wore a long cloak made of tree bark, wrapped around your back, and as you moved, with each step, birds came alive and flew out of your bark cloak and in all directions. With every step, wherever your bark cloak passed over the ground, life began to hatch, and this went on, and you walked until you reached the edge of the forest.  Then your cloak transformed into a white dress and you came to stand at the edge of a field of tall dewy green grass, where hundreds of women were. They were there, all of them pregnant, they were screaming but had no voice, no sound came from their screams, they were laying down, their pregnant bodies on their backs, with their legs open ready to give birth, and you stepped towards them, and I woke up.

Thank you Adaku Utah, sister, sage, activist, healer, for sharing this dream, which left me full of gratitude.

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